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Ben je benieuwd hoe jij jouw salesafdeling een flinke boost geeft met sales outsourcing? Of wil je de omzet van je bedrijf vergroten door sales uitbesteden?

Want to find a motivated and suitable candidate? For many companies nowadays, this proves to be a challenging task. Especially in the sales industry it is difficult to find these top sales professionals. At PBC Group we believe in the effectiveness of our unique sales recruitment approach. In most cases, employing a standard recruitment agency does not produce the desired result. These agencies have no specific expertise in sales. This is different for PBC Group. As a unique sales recruitment agency, we specialize in sales and sales recruitment. We find the top sales professionals for your company!

Sales recruitment and selection approach

The secret of our success lies in our unique sales recruitment and selection approach. Our seasoned sales professionals find the right candidates and coach these junior professionals. Unlike at a normal recruitment agency, our professionals are trained by our own experienced top sales staff. More than anyone else, they know how the sales world really operates. Our unique sales recruitment approach, which is a vital part of our sales recruitment process, ensures that we really know what our clients are looking for. We are not a standard recruitment agency and find it important to really know our customers. That is why we invest in the orientation process. Only when we know what a client wants can we use our sales recruitment approach to find the top sales professionals. This makes it an efficient sales recruitment process.

Sales recruitment

Our sales recruitment process does not consist of a standard procedure. Unlike a typical recruitment agency, at PBC Group we use a unique sales recruitment and selection approach. For each application a tailor-made approach is developed. Our experienced top sales professionals use this approach to search for a suitable candidate. More than anyone else, they know which standards a sales professional needs to meet, which skills can be taught, and which qualities a candidate must naturally possess. Through this search we are guaranteed to find the top sales professional who best fits the job. Sales recruitment has never been so easy!

Increase revenue with sales recruitment?

PBC Group is not a standard recruitment agency but provides each client with the best sales professionals through a unique sales recruitment approach.

Retaining top sales professionals

Once the top sales professionals have been recruited and are at work, it is often a challenge to retain them. Sales is a highly energetic profession in a dynamic world. Which is why coaching and supervision are two important tools to keep top sales professionals motivated and involved. Because companies often don’t have time to provide new employees with the right supervision, 30% of top sales professionals leave within the first six months. At PBC Group we offer our sales professionals an intensive training programme and the right supervision.

Comprehensive service

It is probably evident that we are not a standard recruitment agency. At PBC Group we provide a sales outsourcing package that really is the solution for your company. With this comprehensive service we offer, in addition to sales recruitment, tailor-made supervision and training to our top sales staff. The sales professionals are trained to become real, stress-resistant top sales staff. So in addition to our sales recruitment process, do you also wish to use our other services? Read more about our sales outsourcing package!