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Increase revenue by

sales outsourcing

Increase revenue by outsourcing sales

With sales outsourcing, PBC Group provides the solution for your company! We provide your company with a comprehensive service. In addition to recruitment, the full sales outsourcing package also includes the training and coaching of our top sales staff. We train our professionals to be real, stress-resistant top sales staff whose task will be: increase revenue. So would you like to increase your companies’ revenue? Then PBC Group’s sales outsourcing provides the solution!

Sales outsourcing

When it comes to increasing revenue, sales outsourcing turns out to be an appropriate and effective way. First of all, finding the suitable candidate is an important part of PBC Group’s sales outsourcing package. With us, the top sales staff go through an intensive training programme. This provides every sales professional of PBC Group with sufficient professional knowledge, all the basic sales techniques, the right professional attitude, and good business acumen. Outsourcing acquisition to PBC Group means getting positive results in an efficient manner!

Increase revenue

Visible and controllable results thanks to acquisition outsourcing. The PBC Group’s top sales staff are trained to know exactly how to react and how to bring in a customer. Coaching is fully tailored to the employees and to your wishes and needs as a client. Outsourcing acquisition to PBC Group simply provides the solution to quickly achieve your main goal: increase your revenue.

Would you like to increase your revenue?

Does sales outsourcing sound like a suitable solution for your company? Or are you curious about the other possibilities of sales outsourcing that PBC Group has to offer?

Sales recruitment

An important part of our sales outsourcing package is our sales recruitment process. PBC Group is not a standard recruitment agency. We specialize in sales, recruitment and revenue increase. Using our unique approach to sales recruitment and selection, we are able to find the real top sales staff. While always taking the wishes and needs of the client into account. Because we really invest in getting to know our clients, we know exactly what our clients are looking for. This makes outsourcing sales to PBC Group a guaranteed success. We have also built up a lot of knowledge and experience from practice. Our seasoned sales professionals coach the junior professionals so that they know exactly what to expect. Sales outsourcing and increasing your revenue has never been easier. Are you wondering what our sales recruitment process looks like?

When use sales outsourcing?

Does your company need extra commercial capabilities on a temporary basis? But would you prefer to limit the employer’s risk? With sales outsourcing we partially assume the employer’s risk during the start-up phase. Or are you planning to start in a new industry or put a new product on the market? Outsourcing acquisition to PBC Group can support you during this tense period with its many changes. Are you confronted with a high staff turnover in your sales department? Here again PBC Group’s sales outsourcing may be the right solution. Do you recognize yourself in any of these cases?