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What makes PBC Group unique?

PBC Group distinguishes itself in the area of training. Sales is a profession. Our sales recruiters find the right sales professionals for your company. Recruitment and selection of sales professionals has never been easier. We are not a standard secondment agency or temporary employment agency for sales jobs. We offer our sales people (working in sales for your company) an intensive training programme with direct output for your organization. This provides every sales professional of PBC Group with sufficient professional knowledge, the right professional attitude, good commercial insight and all basic sales techniques.

Why use PBC Group’s sales outsourcing/sales recruitment?

Just as every sales professional is different, so every organization is also different. Every day your company faces different challenges. For every case we create a tailor-made plan. Can you identify with any of the following cases?

Does your company need extra commercial capabilities on a temporary basis? But would you prefer to limit the employer’s risk? By collaborating with PBC Group, PBC Group will assume a large part of the employer’s risk during the start-up phase.

Are you planning to start in a new industry or put a new product on the market? A tense period during which many changes will arise! PBC Group can support you without your own organization having to reorganize internally.

Are you confronted with a high turnover within your sales department? And do you have no idea how to get good, reliable staff? At PBC Group we provide a rigorous selection procedure. We take time to find the suitable candidate and offer additional commitment through supervision and coaching. After a year, you may hire the sales professional yourself.

Can you identify with any of these cases?

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